iBop makes it easy for a small business or start up with access to a wide variety of services that can assist with operating or starting up your business. With access to a marketplace web portal, freelance/contract career portal where you can have contractors bid for your services or MyMoney where you can obtain refunds of commissions on your financial service products. Our service range is constantly being added to with web names and hosting available at competitive based pricing.

Seek help but do homework

Just because they are good in their business does not mean that they will make a good business adviser for you. This will most likely be a long time cooperation and therefore you want somebody with whom you can click, someone with whom you can work together for all that time. Remember, you will be using the finances of the business according to the financial advisers input and therefore the last thing that you want to do is to choose one blindly. If your business sinks, they will go on to other people's business. Do some footwork, do some research and no matter how fast you need one, never hire blindly.

Write your vision

Preparing a business plan is crucial for any business that wants to succeed. You should prepare a business plan which can be implemented to become a successful business. This means that a lot of care should be taken when preparing it. You should avoid some mistakes for your business plan to be successful in assisting you to manage your business and to source for funds.

"Before you prepare the business plan, you need to conduct research about the business you would like to establish. You should collect information about the product, the market, the economy and any other information that you may deem relevant to your business.

Analyze the information in relation to your business. This will ensure that you cover grounds such as marketing. It will also determine whether your business has the chance to survive competition. " - Graham Chee FCPA


iBop integrates provides CRM integration and Survey integration into existing systems. We understand that business is not all about out of the box functionality but customisation to internal functions and procedures. We provide detailed quotations and reviews to ensure our services are tailored to your individual circumstances.

Data is great - interpretation the key

Iinformation on how your products will reach your customers. This is through the sales channels. Either you can sell directly to your customers, or you can have intermediaries.

Marketing involves what you do to ensure customers buy from you. It takes the form of having a good product with high demand, the price you charge for that product, ensuring that the product gets to the market at the right time and how you promote that product to your customers.

iBop - Business Operations Pitch

iBop provides more than just a pitch tool, we provide online Business Planning tools that can be customised with your own headings and categories or reorder our standard functionality. Maybe you need to provide ongoing Operations manuals for monitoring and distribution, or you need a simple but precise Pitch tool for finance, regulatory or investors.

Operate Local Think Global

With a fast moving local environment but an even faster global market, it is important to keep your business plan and pitch up to date. Whether that be for target markets, competition or changes within your operations due to regulation and operation. Keep your business moving ahead and looking forward